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What is BYOL®?

BYOL® is an organic, plant-based anti-spatter created in Italy in 2019 after years of development and testing. 🇮🇹

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Besides having an exceptional performance that sets it apart from the competition, BYOL® protects the workers' health.

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BREAKING NEWS | BYOL®-X is coming soon

BYOL®-X is the oil for cutting and threading–the natural spray lubricant for the mechanical industry. 


Before commercializing our product and officially launching it on the market on February 3rd, 2020, we conducted countless practical field tests.

This test in particular is representative of the result we get every time BYOL® is used correctly, and is the basis of the rapid and ever-expanding success our product lineup is having with industry professionals.

  • This photo was taken after a 37-minute working test during a robot welding session, using a ceramic-based anti-spatter. 
  • On the right, what you see is the result of a 45-minute welding session using BYOL®. Same robot, same operator, same working piece: the result is a clean torch that can still be used. 

This is one of many practical demonstrations of how much nature can still help us in a healthy, clean and cost-efficient way: with such an alternative, none of our #ByoWelders would go back to chemical products.

How to use BYOL®

Nature is simple in its complexity, and BYOL® is the same: here is a short video  in which one of our #ByoWelders demonstrates how an application of our anti-spatter works.

Simple, effective, extraordinary: BYOL® is this and much more.


  • I did all the tests and cut the cleaning of the torches in half. Given the performance, I’m placing an order for 30 cans and 1 5-liter tank. Thanks a lot

    Mr. Baccelieri

    CMC Correggio srl
  • After two weeks of testing with a single BYOL® can, what do you want me to tell you? Instead of 8 hours, the spray lasts two full days with amazing results. I have six welders and after two weeks they are all excited about BYOL®!

    I absolutely want this product instead of the toxic cans we’ve always bought.

    Mr. Melas

    EUROTHERM s.p.a.
  • I tried the can, and I was very satisfied.

    Mr. Andrea

  • I only have one can and six welders: after a day and a half (12 hours), the torches are clean. The product we usually used was a three-euro can that didn’t keep the welding torch clean. Very positive impression on BYOL®.

    Mr. Sergio

  • I rate it very well, great product!

    Mr. Alessandro

  • Our test was carried out by 6 welders, including myself, in different processes (manual / robotic continuous wire and electrode) and generated very positive opinions.

    In detail: the product protects the welding torch for a shift of 8 hours and more. The sprayer has an excellent field of application to protect the parts close to the weld, which allows excellent protection from the unsightly dirt that the process creates. Once applied it works very well in both single pass and multipass, without interfering with the weld pool. The smoke had a smell similar to that of fitters at a fair!

    Mr. Massimiliano

  • We have tried your BYOL® product and we have had an excellent performance, we have used it for the first time and the result has been excellent. We welded all day on painted pieces, and where before each piece we had to clean the torch, after using BYOL® once, we didn’t use it all day and the dirt was very little and was easily removed.

    Mr. Piergiorgio

    CEO, In.Fe
  • You have done a great job in creating a product that until yesterday could only be imagined.

    BYOL User

  • The result after a day of welding is impressive. I think it is impossible for welders not to choose this product.

    Mr. Piergiorgio

    CEO, In.Fe
  • The product is performing well during our tests. I ask her if I can also try the liquid version for spray application.

    BYOL User

  • I have gave my workers 4 samples for testing. Two of them confirmed their excellent durability and cleaning performance, both on stainless steel and on iron. I await the last two tests on iron, in medium-heavy carpentry. However, I expect the outcome will be the same.

    Mr. Alessandro

    CEO, Romanelli srl
  • The week with BYOL® went very well! My team of carpenters, after the initial mistrust, wants your product!

    BYOL User

  • I had the opportunity to try it on our old welding machine that gets used three times a year. I cleaned the novel and spout like a good welder should, and I sprayed it like the simple instructions told me to do. Magic! And it smells good, too!

    Mr. Zutekow

  • We are going all the way … We are almost ready to order both the torch cleaning liquid, but also the BYOL-E to spray on the pieces

    Mr. Matteo

  • Here BYOL is a bomb, now I’m at the robot above, it doesn’t stop! And it’s almost too fast!

    Mr. Ruben

  • Unbelievable until you use it … then miracle! The other products, even the expensive ones and which should be “super”, end up in the bin.

    BYOL User


BYOL® | A brief Introduction

Patented and produced in Italy, BYOL® is completely plant-based and is made with a highly-controlled process and fine-tuned ingredients that give it resistance to high temperatures and incomparable anti-adhesive properties.

Being obtained exclusively from natural ingredients, it is the gold standard for the protection of health in the workplace: it is not regulated as a dangerous product, and can be used in wire welding processes, electrode, laser cut and welding torches, or in all processes that generate sparks. BYOL® guarantees an excellent and long-lasting anti-adhesive property on any surface.

Tests carried out on manual and automatic systems highlight the stability of BYOL®’s properties throughout a normal work shift.

2020 Announcement | BYOL-E is here

Natural components only: this product protects the welding surfaces like a shield, enveloping the sparks and protecting the working piece, making it easy to clean. When used in conjunction with BYOL®, our brand new BYOL-E will ensure an effective, efficient, and exceptional welding experience.




These are some of our #ByoWelders:  with their work they donate, through our products, funds to cancer research. This is a hashtag created for the best: from the passion for welding to the daily commitment to optimize costs and productivity; from the desire to protect the environment to the need to protect the health of workers and the happiness of their families, the hashtag #ByoWelders exists to describe companies and professionals who won’t accept anything less than the best.

BYOL® is available in 400ml spray and 5L tanks.

BYOL-E is available in 500ml spray and 5L tanks.








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