BYOL was conceived in 2014 thanks to the joint work of two friends from the welding field that, after using daily the most populars anti-spatter products on the market, decided to invest everything into their vision: to create a natural, 100% organic welding antispatter that could also be free of health risks for the workers while being, at the same time, much more effective than the chemical products available.

After years of research, development and a testing phase that brought greater and greater results, BYOL made its official debut in the market on November 21st of 2019: this outstanding product reached every single one of our first goals, even exceeding expectations and marking the start of a true revolution inside the welding field.

In less than a year, our anti-spatter has already made a name for itself in Italy and the world: with the years of effort and dedication we spent developing this product allowed us to gather dozens of excellent reviews and to establish partnerships with vendors and high-level professionals of the engineering field.

BYOL is the flagship product that led to the development of many others, all of them exclusively vegetal and made specifically for our field of operations. From lubricants, coolants, and protective oils to oily substances with a high resistance to heat, we want to turn the tables on the welding and engineering fields with one goal in mind: protecting the health of those who use our products while, at the same time, significantly increasing the productivity of the companies that choose our product.

For those who choose us, we are proud to have created the tag #ByoWelders to indicate all the welders, companies and professionals that make their workers’ health and the environment a priority while also optimising costs and productivity.

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