A Natural Revolution

Advantages of Using BYOL

In a world full of options, choosing a product depends basically on one question: why?

In comparison to ceramic-based anti-spatters made with polluting or health-threatening chemical agents, BYOL® stands out for its capacity to emphasise the superior power of nature: in every test and in the facility of each one of our #ByoWelders, our product has been able to pull off amazing results that exceeded the performance of the products we were used to employ.

  • Labor Optimization: With BYOL® there will be much less need for multiple applications, allowing the welders to work with more focus, since they won’t have to worry about residues accumulating on the welding torch and on the working piece. If your company uses welding robots, you will be able to reduce the cleaning pauses and, in some cases, even deactivate them completely.
  • Flexibility: BYOL® can be applied on literally any material or surface.  Being a 100% natural product, it won’t have any negative impact both on the working environment, protecting even painted surfaces.
  • Performance: With a guaranteed duration of over 8h, BYOL® remains effective during entire working shifts, matching and often beating even the very best anti-spatters available on the market.



  • Cleanness: BYOL® is the only anti-spatter with a 100% organic patent that prevents the accumulation of residue in the welding torch, avoiding its obstruction. Furthermore, when used together with our new BYOL-E, our product guarantees that even the piece to be welded is protected and easy to clean at the end of the work.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: If you have ever welded anything, you know how much the accumulation of residue contributes to the war of the welding torch and its parts, which are often quite expensive. With BYOL® your company will dramatically reduce these kind of costs: our anti-spatter protects the welding torch and increases its components’ lifespan.
  • Health: What very few welders do, however, is taking the time to read the warning labels. If you do read the labels of the chemical and ceramic-based products you use, you will notice that they produce toxic fumes and that they expose you to a higher risk of cancer and other illnesses. On top of that, after every application you need to stop working to avoid breathing the same toxic product: BYOL® is so safe that you can basically eat it, and it protects your long-term health.
  • Adaptability: BYOL® can be used in every process that involves sparks, including laser-cutting, plasma and tube processes.

Our product has been tested by the Giordano Institute, a prestigious and recognised third-party organization: 

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